Florida Supreme Court accepts jurisdiction in Lentini case

2018 WL 2073459. Today, the Florida Supreme Court granted review of Lentini v. American Southern Home Insurance Company, 233 So. 3d 1258 (Fla. 5th DCA 2017). In that case, the Firm persuaded the court to reverse a summary judgment in favor of the insurer in a matter involving the interpretation of Florida’s uninsured motorist statute. The…


Attorney Chris Carlyle to Speak at Appellate Mediation Webinar

Attorney Chris Carlyle will speak at a webinar on Thursday, June 9, 2016 on appellate mediation. The webinar is sponsored by the Florida Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Committee and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. http://www.floridabar.org/FBWEB/CLEReg.nsf/0/06c5e95f45bc66b585257f9c0065da10/$FILE/89213918.pdf/2363-ADR-16.pdf


Attorney John Bogdanoff Certified in Appellate Practice

Attorney John Bogdanoff has been certified by the Florida Bar in Appellate Practice. To become Board Certified, an attorney must have been in practice for at least 5 years, pass a background examination, have had at least 5 oral arguments, have had primary responsibility for 25 appellate matters, have the required number of continuing legal education…


Attorney David Monaco Attends Appellate Court Rules Meeting

Attorney David A. Monaco attended the Florida Bar’s Appellate Court Rules Committee meeting at the Bar’s Winter Meeting in Orlando.  The Appellate Court Rules Committee suggests new appellate rules as well as suggesting modifications to existing rules. http://www.floridabar.org/DIVEXE/BD/CMStanding.nsf/WCommitteesDetail/15E0FCC0829EFD6585256C5B00554844?OpenDocument